Guide updated on 29th of February 2016

Download all the needed items for the Qmail installation

Download a bundle with all the packages needed in this guide Download each software individually from original locations

Users comments
Fabiano - 27/06/2018 13:51

Hi Thibs

Many thanks for the guide

To collaborate a little to those who need to download qmailmrtg, follow the updated link:

Seba - 20/12/2016 17:20

hi Thibs

i've been using this setup and now i've discovered some clients sending tons of mails/spam. 

Is there a patch or configuration like tarpiting  that works with this guide and i could use to limit this behavior?

Thibs - 22/03/2013 11:33

I try to update those pages on regular basis but I must admit it's not always accurate.

As far as I know, the latest change for Roundcube are new functiallities or bug fixes but not about security.

Note that I sometimes update the bundle with newer software version (and I sometimes forget to update this page)

Michiel - 13/03/2013 10:00

Hi Thibs,

Do you keep this page updated with latest vulnerabilities/technical improvements ?
For example the packages in the bundle seem to be outdated and thus vulnerable if you use them in production; I would suggest using the apt packages (squirrelmail, roundcube) whenever possible and use the latest versions from the vendors.

My 0,02$


Someone - 20/03/2012 04:49



Actually.. it does... it just isn't called by that name... but I checked the patch file and it does indeed make the changes that the "big dns" patch does.

Thibs - 17/03/2012 15:50

No : it includes all patches described in

Someone - 17/03/2012 01:27

Does this include the Big-DNS patch?

Thibs - 29/01/2012 22:13

It's installed at this step

Scott o\'neil - 28/01/2012 21:51

I found that nothing actually installed the resulting  mta-local_1.0_all.deb in the last step of the "software invidually" method. I noticed this problem when an unrelated apt-get gave me all sorts of dep problems. I simply did a  dpkg -i mta-local_1.0_all.deb and all was well.

Syngin - 15/08/2011 13:19

I have an older update buried on my site for a Debian Qmailrocks install.  The steps are probably a little old but the notes there might help someone.  Its not 100% complete though:

Thibs - 04/10/2010 06:45

Hello Mark,

It allows visitors to see the original sources location. Moreover, it allows more expert visitors to adapt my procedure with newer version of some softwares (for instance the beta version of vpopmail)



Mark - 29/09/2010 18:25

Why bother with the choice?  You are specifying the versions to download so you get the same packages and versions anyway.AMSR9

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